Celebrating Good Times

Photo by Evie Shaffer on Pexels.com

This week is my and my husband’s wedding anniversary.  We usually are pretty low-key about our anniversary;  we would rather get some really good ingredients and cook at home than go out, which is particularly helpful this year.

Another thing we’ve done each year is to plan a gift or excursion that fits the theme of the traditional anniversary gift.  For example we took a glassblowing class for our glass anniversary.   So this year when I started planning I was excited to come up with something that could be done socially-distanced and fit the theme for this year.  I hit Google to find out what this year’s traditional gift is and the result?

Fruit and flowers.


Were the people who came uo with these things running out of ideas already? I’d like to say I was undaunted but in truth,  i was a little daunted.  I enjoy our tradition and i didn’t want to be stumped just four years in.

Fortunately a little stretching of the rules – I mean creativity – eventually yielded a result.  We picked up some treats at a farm stand (including some peach cinnamon pancake syrup that I can’t wait to try) and had a picnic on the lawn of a nearby winery and cidery (More fruit! Totally on theme.) Husband and I got to enjoy some drinks and snacks with no one else around as far as we could see, baby was happy to lay on the blanket with his milk (or maybe he was daydreaming about the syrup too) and combined with the meal we’ll make on our actual anniversary I call this a win.

So friends, tell me – do you have any similar traditions?  How do you celebrate anniversaries and/or other special events? 

7 thoughts on “Celebrating Good Times

  1. My husband and I have never been good about celebrating our anniversary- usually it’s dinner out. Although we rarely go out to dinner together, so it is still special for us 🙂


  2. We don’t really have anniversary traditions. But we do celebrate it, usually it’s a dinner out. We also write to each other and we’ve kept all the letters we’ve written over the years.


  3. I love celebrating special occasions with new, creative ideas. Of course, I like keeping some traditions too, but I think a tradition in our family is to create new ones, lol! I’m going to share this with my daughter-in-law for ideas on celebrating their 2nd anniversary!


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