A Walktober to Remember (or: The Hunt for Red Walktober)

Is anyone familiar with Walktober? It’s a “fun, inspiring fitness campaign” for individual or team participation during the month of October (see what they did there?) where you get points for logging daily fitness activities. I’ve signed up as part of a team with some coworkers and I’ve gotta say…I’m kind of already regretting it.

Maybe regret isn’t the right word though. I’m…anxious about it? Even though this is a very silly and trivial thing to be anxious about, my apprehension is twofold: One, I don’t want to be a slacker and let my team down and two, I have a burning need to crush, just absolutely obliterate our competition. (Are these new mom hormones? I don’t really know where this rage is coming from but I might as well use it to my advantage.)

Despite the name you get points for any kind of physical activity so this will be a great motivator for getting back into my home workouts and, yes, taking the baby and/or dog for walks in the park. I have a million reasons to stick with the program including physical and mental health, fresh air and outside time for the baby, and most of all that I’ve now stated my intent publicly and can’t be exposed as a total bum.

On a side note though – how crazy is it that we’re already two weeks away from October? I kind of feel like life paused when we went into lockdown in March and I had my son, and now the approaching holidays are almost taking me by surprise. All the more reason to commit to a fitness routine though – all of the delicious foods (and let’s be honest, beers) that come with the cold weather and holidays. I wonder how many steps it takes to burn off a Christmas ale…

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