A Walktober to Remember (or: The Hunt for Red Walktober)

Is anyone familiar with Walktober? It’s a “fun, inspiring fitness campaign” for individual or team participation during the month of October (see what they did there?) where you get points for logging daily fitness activities. I’ve signed up as part of a team with some coworkers and I’ve gotta say…I’m kind of already regretting it.Continue reading “A Walktober to Remember (or: The Hunt for Red Walktober)”

Celebrating Good Times

This week is my and my husband’s wedding anniversary.  We usually are pretty low-key about our anniversary;  we would rather get some really good ingredients and cook at home than go out, which is particularly helpful this year. Another thing we’ve done each year is to plan a gift or excursion that fits the themeContinue reading “Celebrating Good Times”


I’ve always loved words. Phrases become lodged in my head like the chorus of a song endued with cadence and tone.   My current obsession fell into my ear one day,  bouncing up to my mind and tumbling down to my mouth, rolling around syllables and intrigue and promise. This idea, though, it captivates me asContinue reading “Jettison”

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